Destiny 2 features and gameplay revealed

Bungie on Thursday pulled pack the veil on Destiny 2, the highly anticipated followup to 2014's flawed Destiny. Here are some of the highlights from the live-streamed reveal:

  • Destiny 2 is going to feature PC support, and will be available through (Blizzard's game launcher)  which makes sense considering Activision Blizzard is the publisher of the game.
  • Bungie is targeting 30FPS on the Xbox One and PS4, with an uncapped frame rate on the PC. This all but confirms the lack of crossplay between versions, as PC players on powerful rigs would have a significant advantage.
  • "Homecoming" is the first mission in Destiny 2. In this mission, the Cabal attack the Tower, leading to the ruin and rubble seen in the Destiny 2 promotional materials. The mission doesn't end well for the Guardians, with the Cabal (led by Commander Ghaul) capturing the city and everything contained within. This is the narrative explanation for the lack of carryover gear.
  • The Crucible, Destiny's multiplayer component, will be changed to 4v4 across all of the game modes.
  • Destiny 2 is getting a clan system with custom banners.
  • Guided Games, a new tool that's being added, will allow players to find group members for things like raids. It's essentially just a glorified matchmaking system.
  • There's no more going to orbit, arguably the worst part of switching areas in the original game. Now, all activities can be launched from menus.
  • There will only be one raid at launch (!?!).
  • This time around, the planets to explore are Titan, Earth, Io, and Nessus. European Dead Zone, an area cut from the original game, will be playable in Destiny 2.

Overall, Destiny 2 looks just like... well... Destiny. There have been no sweeping aesthetic changes and the gameplay looks very familiar. From the sound of it, many of the changes coming in Destiny 2 will be more quality of life improvements than fundamental changes.

It's very strange that Destiny 2 will only have a single raid at launch, especially when you consider the raids were the best part of the original game. Either this is a significant oversight, or Bungie is confident that there will be enough to do on each of the four planets.


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