NBA Playgrounds launches next week with serious compromises

NBA Playgrounds launches next week with serious compromises

NBA Playgrounds, the NBA-Jam-inspired basketball game from Saber Interactive, launches next week on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, according to Polygon, the Switch version of the game will be lacking at least one major feature upon launch: Online play.

Saber Interactive confirmed the disparity on Friday, but was quick to promise that a patch to include the missing functionality would come “a few days after launch.” The developer also stressed that the Switch version of the title would run in 60 fps, matching the other three versions.

In addition, multiplayer across all four versions of the game will likely be limited on launch, with Saber confirming that online play will be limited to 1v1 matches, and that players will not be able to invite their online buddies into private games. Both of these limitations will supposedly be corrected in post-launch updates.

From the sound of it, NBA Playgrounds is coming in hot, especially on the Nintendo Switch– a fact that Switch owners should consider before plopping down the cash. As always, we recommend waiting for the initial wave of reviews to hit before purchasing any new games, especially when it’s an untested property like NBA Playgrounds. We will run our review of NBA Playgrounds on Wednesday, May 10, so be sure to check out our final thoughts on the game.

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