E3 2017 Predictions: EA

E3 2017 Predictions: EA

Sports Titles: If there’s one thing EA has a lot of, it’s sports games. Expect to see games like Fifa and Madden, along with the company’s latest attempt to revive the struggling NBA Live series. We may also see a few sports games announced for the Nintendo Switch.

Star Wars Battlefront II: This is the game that will probably receive the most time and attention at the show. Expect much of the conversation to revolve around the game’s single player mode– something the first game desperately needed.

Visceral Star Wars Game: This is unlikely, but I’ll throw it out anyways. Visceral’s open world Star Wars game could always make an appearance, but it would overshadow Battlefront II in a significant way– something EA wouldn’t want.

Need for Speed: The recently announced Need for Speed: Payback, coming later this year, will receive a lot of attention. EA needs to start the hype train on this one, especially after the series took a much-needed break last year.

New BioWare IP: Bioware has been cooking up a new IP, and it’s likely we’ll see it in a big way during the presentation. There’s a good chance this will be the show-stealer EA needs. It’s also possible that this new IP will be unveiled on a different company’s stage…

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