E3 2017 Predictions: Sony

E3 2017 Predictions: Sony

Sony is in a great position going into E3. The PS4 remains the industry leader, having sold a whopping 60 million units since its launch in 2015, and the company estimates sales of 78 million by March, 2018. Those numbers give Sony a wide lead over the Xbox One, which has only sold half as many units. Sony is also riding the high of the excellent PS4-exclusive, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and the company has blockbusters like The Last of Us: Part II and the new God of War on the horizon. Will Sony be able to capitalize on all its success?

PSVR: Now that the PSVR is in ample supply, free of the stock constraints that plagued its first seven months on shelves, you can expect Sony to hit the ground running. The success of games like Resident Evil 7 and Farpoint prove that VR users crave full-length, AAA releases, not just bit-sized “experiences” and demos. I expect Sony to announce a number of new PSVR titles during their presentation, and add VR support to its upcoming first-party offerings. God of War VR anyone?

God of War: Speaking of God of War, expect Sony to finally announce a release date. It’s doubtful the game will hit this year, and I think a March, 2018 release date would be a good fit.

New Sucker Punch property: It’s hard to believe that Infamous: Second Son came out nearly three years ago. During that time, developer Sucker Punch has been (very) quietly slaving away on a new game. Word is, the game is a brand new property, and given the studio’s history, it’ll be one to watch out for.

Death Stranding: Sony won’t be content to let an E3 go by without a trickle of information about Death Stranding. Expect a new trailer, and maybe even a stage appearance by the legendary Hideo Kojima. Also, I’m going to go out on a limb and say the trailer will be weird. Very weird.

Last of Us: Part II: Expect another trailer for Last of Us: Part II, and at least some mention of the game’s multiplayer component. Though polarizing, the original game found quite an online multiplayer following, and I’m sure Naughty Dog will want to address those fans.

No PS5 or PS Vita 2: The ridiculous rumors of a PS5 and PS Vita 2 being shown off at E3 will fall flat. The PS4 is performing exceptionally well, and convoluting the mix with new hardware so soon after the PS4 Pro and PSVR will only serve to hurt the company. On the topic of a new handheld platform, Sony was burned with the Vita and won’t be eager to make that mistake again. Plus, Nintendo is on a roll and Sony won’t want to enter that space, only to be crushed by the same competitor that ensured the demise of the Vita, and the PSP before that. Sony’s days as a handheld console manufacturer are all but finished.

Bloodbourne II: You can bet your butt that Sony will release a teaser trailer for Bloodbourne II, and may use it to close out their show. It’s been two years since the original Bloodbourne, and the fan-favorite is due for a sequel.

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale 2: This one’s a longshot, though the timing could work. Sony seems to be in a nostalgic mood as of late, bringing back classics like Crash Bandicoot and PaRappa the Rapper. Combined with the surging popularity of Super Smash Bros. throughout the competitive scene, Sony may be keen on making a brawler that can stand alongside its competition. Doubtful, but we’ll see.

We’ve given our predictions, now give us yours in the comments below!

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