E3 2017 Predictions: Bethesda

E3 2017 Predictions: Bethesda

If there’s one company that’s almost a complete mystery going into E3, it’s Bethesda. There have been few credible leaks about Bethesda’s pipeline, and the details that have leaked are from unsourced, anonymous message board postings (we were unable to verify the veracity of these rumors, despite reaching out to industry sources). Though the company does have a few announced games in the works, Bethesda’s showings are anyone’s guess at this point. That won’t stop us from trying though…

Fallout 4 VR: One of Bethesda’s previously announced titles, Fallout 4 VR, will probably be featured heavily at the event. I also expect the company to announce a release date of late 2017, with extra VR-specific content thrown in for good measure. As far a platform, expect support for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and maybe even PSVR.

Doom VR: Like Fallout 4, 2016’s excellent Doom is getting the VR treatment. Announced at last year’s show, it’s almost a guarantee that Bethesda will show off the game on stage, though it might be too early for a release date. Plus, Bethesda might not want to overshadow Fallout 4 with a detailed unveiling.

Other VR Projects: Rumors notwithstanding, it’s likely Bethesda is working VR additions to many of its existing games, especially Skyrim, and might show off one or two on stage. However, whatever they show will probably take a backseat to Fallout 4 VR and Doom VR.

Quake Champions: Bethesda is almost guaranteed to announce a release date for their free-to-play arena shooter, Quake Champions. The game has been in beta for a while, and I have a feeling that whatever release game they announce, it will be very soon. And while the company has scoffed at the idea of Quake Champions on consoles, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a course reversal, especially with the added power of the PS4 Pro and Scorpio.

DLC: A number Bethesda’s recent high profile releases have yet to get DLC, and that will change in a big way at E3. Additional content for Dishonored 2 and Prey are all but guaranteed. And, if the stars align, we could see some single player DLC for Doom, especially after creative director Hugo Martin mentioned they were considering it earlier this year.

Wolfenstein: The New Colossus: Teased at the end of last year’s E3, it’s likely the company will finally unveil the next entry in the Wolfenstein franchise. I’d expect a trailer and release timeframe at the very least. From what we’ve been hearing, it’s probably coming sooner rather than later– maybe in Q1 2018?

Starfield: Bethesda’s biggest announcement could be its rumored new property, Starfield. While little is known about the game, it’s said to be a sprawling RPG, set in space, that somehow bridges the timelines of Elder Scrolls and Fallout, creating a new “universe“ of games. This one is probably further out (I’m guessing late 2018), so any unveiling will be light on details.

New Mobile Game: If rumors are correct, Bethesda has been working on a new mobile game for quite a while, and might even unveil it at the show. If they do, I have a feeling it’ll be a Starfield tie-in, much like Fallout Shelter was to Fallout 4. With a new property like Starfield, Bethesda will want to acclimate gamers to a new world and new characters.

The Evil Within 2: Though I don’t know of anyone craving a sequel to 2014’s mediocre Evil Within, that won’t stop Bethesda from unveiling it. Perhaps it’ll even launch in October? Just a hunch considering how long this one has been rumored.

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